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One of the most common reasons people look up keto is for fat loss. Why? Because it works. How? There is a big misconception in the world in the world that people just need to eat less and work out more to lose body fat. Science has proven that is wrong for at least 60% of people and that without the proper tools, and the right ketosis drink, you will not become a better fat burner no matter how perfect your diet is and how much you exercise therefore you will gain it all back. Drinkable ketones are the key to unlocking your fat-burning potential and supporting you during the process. Ketosis drinks keep you satiated longer and help curb or eliminate carb cravings so it easy to maintain a healthier diet. They also give you amazing energy which helps you to stay active all of which makes fat loss easier to achieve and maintain. The most important thing is not about losing weight but getting to a goal weight and learning how to live and enjoy your life. Check out Kate, she is in her 40s and has been on diets for most of her adult life with no real success or sustainment. After introducing our ketosis drink, she lost 70 lbs and has kept it all off for over 5 years. There are thousands of more stories just like Kate’s!

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Two of the biggest challenges people face daily are low energy and lack of mental focus. We constantly see people reaching for coffee, energy drinks, and sugary snacks – all of which are unhealthy for them and provide no real sustainable energy. The real answer is ketosis drinks, they provide sustained fuel or energy to the brain, heart, muscles, and body. Most people notice an improvement in a few days or weeks. Meet Jeff, not only did he lose 50 lbs. but that doesn’t compare to the energy that he has every day the feeling like his brain is finally working. The energy and mental clarity are unreal. He ran a marathon in his fifties and is even more fit than he ever was in his 40s.

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Two surprising benefits were improvements in mood and sleep. Ketones do wonderful things for the brain and help create balance for people that are struggling with mood. Meet April, she had just had her second baby and was back at work full time. Every day she woke up irritated and frustrated. Everything bothered her and she knew she wasn’t being the mom or wife she could be. Within a few weeks of starting our ketosis drink, she was waking up smiling and dancing around the room with her kids.

The whole idea is that as your body gets healthier, everything gets easier. Many people struggle with lack of sleep or just plain old no-good sleep. Ketones quiet the mind which allows you to fall asleep quicker and achieve a deeper quality of sleep. Check out Mary, she took 30 mg of melatonin every night to fall asleep and still woke up tired. Since starting our ketosis drink she sleeps through the night and wakes up rested and energized with no melatonin.

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One thing I learned from Dr. Ford was what an ideal life was: Happy, Happy, Happy, Dead. Being the former chairman of NASA and the Founder of IHMC, he has an extensive background in ketones and brain health. As we age, our brain shrinks and slows down and this process is accelerated when it only has glucose (sugar) to use as fuel. Ketones have been proven to feed your brain in a way that glucose can’t which helps keep your brain younger for longer. Here’s the catch, the sooner you start, the more effective it is, so don’t wait until it’s too late. Meet Teri, she started our ketosis drink at 65 years old, and at the time her activity had diminished, she no longer wanted to mow her yard or clean her house and she was terrified of carrying her newborn grandson. After four months of drinking, she was on the floor chasing her grandson on his 1st Birthday and now at 73 years old, her brain is way sharper, she travels more, and no signs of slowing down.

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After testing our ketosis drink with performance athletes all around the world, this has been the number one performance supplement I have ever seen. We are seeing endurance athletes reduce marathon and Ironman times. We have seen the top soccer players in the world say how much better focused and conditioned they are. Cross-fitters are setting new personal records in their first week of using our ketosis drink. The science is clear, ketones increase ATP production, are more efficient, use less oxygen, and preserve muscle. But across the board, the biggest benefit for any performance athlete is that ketones are the key to recovery which is crucial to long-term success. Check out Chuck, a competitive bodybuilder, he used ketones to boost performance, it improved his body composition dramatically even while consuming a traditional body-building diet that includes a lot of carbohydrates. Chucks results? He won first place in his last bodybuilding competition.


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