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28 Day



The Keto Pro

On a big mission take control back in their life starting with the foundation of their health, to change their life for the better. Health and Fitness is finally simple to learn to make 2 degree shifts that you give you results and fast benefits. 


Coach for 20 years - Lived in Ketosis for nearly 20 years - Host the biggest ketone events in the world - works with elite athletes, moms & dads, kids and CEOs - Found the simplest way to be in ketosis - Knows the secrets to teaching people the simplest ways to make the biggest changes in their life.

As a Recon Marine and former college athlete I loves to move my body. Then one day I get hit with an autoimmune condition, need a knee replacement and was challenged with sever head trauma and it felt like I had lost it all. I started gaining weight, losing motivation for activity, to be social, sex and life I had to make a shift. Out of desperation I decided to so the hardest diet ever the keto diet. It worked and I completely turned my life around and decided to change the world with this diet. 

Well I guess not, after 15 years of teaching a diet that everyone quits is so restrictive that its to go out for dinner was once again at a lost. If you look log enough you will find the answer and I did. A little magic powder, it almost seemed to good to be true. You can drink ketones, after 15 years of a strict diet you can now just drink them. Really!!!! Well the stories started rolling in and this magic powder has helped us impact over a million lives. 

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