Your Brain Has No Limits

The Science is clear the brain loves, needs and wants ketones.



As we have abused carbs and even just get older glucose no longer becomes an easy fuel to the brain. Ketones are a primitive fuel that absorb easy to the brain providing it stable and quickly available energy. The great news is you no longer have to wait 6 weeks or longer to get this energy, just drink your ketones and within 30 minutes you will start to feel it.


One of the coolest benefits of drinking ketones is the increase in focus. It's like someone took the windshield wipers across your eyeballs. You find that you can get more done in less time. For me color some more bright and vibrant. It's like cobwebs are being cleared out of the brain.

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Kete makes a huge impact on mood and this is mostly because of the energy that people are lacking. It's also because ketones provide a balancing affect on the brain. Filling the gaps... My wife was sappy and just not herself after our first daughter was born. 6 weeks after drinking keto she was laughing, smiling and dancing with the kids. After that it was so much easier for her to make better health decisions.


There is a few reason why keto helps sleep. One being the stable energy people get while in ketosis. If you run out of energy in the middle of the night your body wants to wake up and feel like when you were and infant. Also keto naturally calms and relaxes the brain allowing you to get a deeper hight quality sleep. You will find that you might not need as much sleep.

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Better Aging

One thing I learned from Dr Ford was the ideal life is: Happy, Happy, Happy, Dead. Being the former chairman of NASA and Founder of IHMC he an extensive background in ketones and brain health. As we age our brain shrinks and slows down and is accelerated when it only has glucose to use as fuel. Ketones have been proven to get to places glucose can't and keep the brain young and restless. Here the catch the sooner you start the more affective it is, so don't wait until it's too late.

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 Facts: Our brains are roughly 60% fat by dry weight, making it the fattiest organ in the body! Fat, in the forms of omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids, are vital for optimized brain health and function. To get these awesome fats into the brain, you need Phosphatidylcholine (PC for short)! PC is a major component of cell membranes and works to transport DHA and EPA into the brain, creating optimized functionality. In short, PC is cognition ammunition and our MCT//143™ is full of PC!”

Sandy Williams