Why Should You Fast?

Given the popularity of the ketogenic diet and fasting on their own, there is no doubt that some people, especially those who are on the keto journey, are trying both of these together. The two eating patterns share their similarities, so many people ask, is combining them give more productive results?

Is it really important to fast? If yes, why should you implement this technique? Well, one of the simple ways that we’ve been teaching you now is just to create intermittent fasting. That could mean that you’ll drink your ketones in the morning, wait until you’re hungry, and have your first meal. That is basically called intermittent fasting.

What are the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is the first step. This means that you’re only eating between 12 pm and 8 pm or 6 pm. That is your eating window. The rest of the day, through the night and into the morning, you’re in a fasting state. It’s super helpful.

When you fast, you heal your body as it goes through some rest and repair. Your gut lining also gets healthier and it greatly helps with fat metabolism. Moreover, intermittent fasting can help you save time and energy. It can even help you save money as you won’t spend that much on food. Indeed, this is a great technique and a great tool.

However, do you have to do intermittent fasting daily? No. The most recommended schedule to do it is 3 to 5 times a week. Even so, it’s important to implement the other techniques. Let us talk about some of them.

What are the Kits and Tools You Can Use to Improve the Process?

At this point, we’re going to talk about the 24 Fast and the reboot. We will discuss how to implement them and why they’re important.

We continuously do the 24 Fast as a community. You can do it anytime you want, but personally, I do it from Sunday night to Monday night. Sometimes, I do the 24 Fast between 4 and 6 on Sunday, then like 24 hours pass, I’ll have my next meal between 4 and 6 on Monday, and then I fast.

I use the 24 Fast kit as a tool because it keeps my ketone levels up. It also helps with satiation so I’m not struggling with hunger all day on Monday. I keep my energy levels up.

A lot of times when people fast over the intermittent side, they notice their dip in energy, focus, and they feel a little edgy and hungry. That impacts our day-to-day life and we don’t want that. We want to get the same bed into the fasting without it impacting our lives in a negative way.

The Kit Along with Fasting Will Make the Process Easy and will Produce the Best Results

You can do this fasting week in and week out. If you do it over a long period of time, you are going to get the best long-term results. So it’s not just doing it once in a while, instead, it must be done as often as you can. And personally, once a week is what I do every Sunday to Monday.

We have an amazing kit here, which is the 24 Fast, and it walks you through the whole process and it’s super awesome and affordable. I would definitely recommend using this. Moreover, what we also do once a month is reboot.

Our 60-hour keto reboot is made for people who are wanting to really reset their body and metabolism. It is also ideal for people who want to go through a natural cleanse and want to understand their personal relationship with food. We all have that little relationship with our food and it is important to start understanding that we have the control and power over that.

Now, take note that this is 60 hours. We start doing it once a month. We begin on Sunday night and we end on Wednesday morning. So, it is normally only a full 2 days.

But the kit once again walks you through the process, protects your metabolism, keeps your muscle mass up, helps you with sustainable energy, and allows your body to naturally detox.

The kit naturally does that detox without forcing your body as it goes through the natural autophagy and helps you produce your own ketones. So, by doing this, you’ll get that extra vitality. By Tuesday, you will feel highly remarkable.

We also help you by teaching you how to come off that fast. What’s cool about this is we have a community that supports you through the process.

If only I could go back in time at 18, I really would have started implementing these today. If I did that, no doubt, at my age now at 45, I would feel and look so much better than I do now.

Yes, I feel pretty good right now. But, it’s clear that this process gives high-level anti-aging, vitality, quality of life, and the ability to rest, repair, and reinforce your GI tract. Indeed, this kit is a very great tool to help in achieving these things.

This process is going to take some time. Personally, I have done 37 of the 60-hour keto reboot, and I am continuously doing the 24 Fast every single week in conjunction with drinking my ketones. And what’s really amazing is it helps me save a lot of money on food and our grocery bills dropped considerably.

Aside from that, I feel truly great and I get to do it with a huge community that wholeheartedly supports me in this process.

So, if you haven’t already tried this process and the kit and tools we just talked about, you can literally log in and go to your office or your store, and you can grab these kits. Do these things properly. Certain times of the month are going to be available so just keep your eyes on that.

You can also talk with your coaches or whoever invited you to this conversation. Ask them about these things that we have discussed so you can start doing the process right away. The best way to do this is to do it with a friend or relative. Try doing it with them as it will create a sense of community and you get support along the way.

So, grab your reboot, 24 Fast, and let’s start intermittent fasting to get the optimal results - performance, athleticism, fat loss, energy, anti-aging, vitality, and enjoyable life.