Why is the Scale Your Biggest Enemy While Trying To Lose Weight?

If we allow it, one type of feedback in our weight loss journey may tear us apart. It may rip our self-esteem apart and shame us into making poor, unhealthy choices. It has the ability to control our days, alter our behavior, and, if we aren't cautious, determine who we feel we are. What one object has this much power over us? Yes, that is the scale.

It's no surprise that we've developed a dependence on the scale and our ability to keep inside a set of numbers that we consider acceptable. This can't possibly be a terrible thing, right? What could possibly be wrong with becoming healthy if we keep the weight off?

Scale is Your Mortal Enemy

How many instances have you spent weeks and months at the gym physically working hard and eating low-carb at the same time, just to see the scale stay the same or even increase? It occurs frequently, and do you know what generally occurs? "What's the purpose of tormenting myself if I'm not progressing to be losing any weight after all?" That question might come to your mind, right?

Indeed, the scale is truly your biggest enemy. And personally, I really hate these measuring devices. If you want to sabotage your goals of getting healthier, then use a scale. A scale is one of the psychologically most damaging things that you can do.

Measuring your results using a scale might seem right in terms of helping you be successful, but in reality, it is not. For 20 years, I have watched people get on scales and they look down to see their current weight. After that, they feel disappointed. They wake up in the morning and they feel discouraged; sometimes, they even think about giving up already.

One of the most useless indicators of your fitness is your weight. The scale does not distinguish between fat and weight. The scale calculates your weight, which is the sum of your entire body mass. Muscle, tendons, ligaments, organs, and water are all included. All this informs you is how much weight you are carrying. It provides no information about your body composition.

Someone who weighs a relatively similar amount but has 45% body fat will appear much more distinct from someone who weighs the same amount but has 20% body fat. One of them will be overweight, while the other will have a lot of muscular definition. When you stand on a scale, you'd have no idea.

Moreover, truthfully, the scale does not measure your success. It’s one variable of many. So, if you are only using a scale as your measurement of success, I promise, it will fail you.

It is only one of the numerous measurement tools. Some measurement tools that people on the keto journey use are their clothes, tape measures, bod pod, DEXA scan, calipers, and many more. These are the tools that are mistakenly identified as the key to measuring ‘success’.

Another reason why I tell people to throw away the scale is because of the psychological warfare they might go through. For example, if you’re going through your cycle, you start to feel sexy and confident, and after that, you weigh yourself and you notice that you’ve gained 3 pounds, how would you feel? You’ll feel so disappointed in yourself, right?

Use Your Clothes As Your Reliable Indicator

Truly, you need to stop using the scale as your tool; get rid of it. You may use your clothes as an indicator.

Find a set of clothes that do not fit, put them up and take a picture, put them on the back of your door, and put them on while celebrating because you know they’re going to fit soon. You have to put those clothes on the back of your door every two weeks, and regularly try those clothes until they become fit. In that way, you will know that your body is transforming.

Once you fit in your clothes, go celebrate and have fun. You can also find new clothes to wear that don’t fit and work hard until you fit into those. Remember, always rinse and repeat every single time you celebrate. When you are in clothes that do not fit, celebrate! Because you are going to achieve and be successful in it.

Using Scale in Measuring ‘Success” Will Not Make You Successful

The last thing you ever want to do is lose weight. You want to lose body fat. And that is why ketones are so important because they help protect your muscle system from being broken down.

Too many people are doing these fad diets and things similar to that. They are losing “weight”, which refers to their muscle, hair, blood vessels, or nails. Yes, the scales might move, but their body is not healthy.

If you are in ketosis, you maintain health, metabolism, and muscle system while your body is transforming. Allow your clothes to be the biggest indicator unless you are working with a scientist that can measure all these other things and know how your bone density or muscle mass is.

If you keep your determination, you are going to get your desirable body back. You are going to get your much-needed vitality and you are going to get really healthy. You will truly feel great and you’re going to learn how to live your life there.

Do not let scales mess you up. Do not ever let your biggest enemy, the scale, in your OODA loop and mess you all over. I watched so many people go through that dangerous psychological warfare that happens continuously whenever they are weighing themselves in these things.

Therefore, start to get rid of your scale. It won’t be beneficial to your journey. Make it gone; if it’s okay to break it, then do it! Let me help you change your life forever, and indeed, ketones will be the key to accomplishing your goals. The scale is not going to help you at all, but you can and you will.