Why is Going Gluten Free Making You Fat

I started hearing about going gluten free over 20 years ago. Once I stopped I felt so much better it helped me some much that I have been 99% gluten free for over seven years. I cheat a little when I travel to Europe. Most people are hearing more and more about gluten and are seeing Gluten Free signs in the grocery stores and don’t really know what it is. Knowing what gluten is is fairly simple avoiding it is a little more challenging. Gluten is a protein found in wheat like flower, breads, pastas and pastries. Gluten is often used as filler in a lot of processed products bbq and soy sauce and that’s where it becomes confusing. I’m not going to list all the gluten free products on the market or tell what to avoid. I see on a daily bases people eating gluten free and still getting sicker or gaining more weight.

I have a saying at my shop most gluten free products you see labels for in the store is garbage without gluten in it. In our country we love to jump on the bandwagon and right now it’s gluten free. The first time you hear about going gluten free you say, no way I will never do that. Then over time you hear if enough and decide to check it out. So, you go to the store and start looking at all the new gluten free products available and you start to try them. You realize that some of the products are not that bad then you tell a friend and they try it and so on.

Remember stores and food manufactures are trying to make money they don’t really care about your health.