Should I Drink Ketones While Fasting?

Due to the popularity of the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting on their own, it's no surprise that some individuals are combining the two. Because the two eating patterns are so similar, we're wondering if it's better to mix them. But, does drinking ketones interrupt my fast? Let us discuss this topic in this blog post.

I think people get misled by the concept because basically, people are trying to follow rules that they do not understand. However, the real question here is, what is your main goal? What result are you looking for? These things are truly what you need to know.

If you are looking for fat loss, energy, vitality, longevity, health, or performance the answer is really simple. There are indeed a lot of variables in place if you have a big health challenge and you are trying to cleanse your GI tract and heal the gut lining. Well, that might complicate things a bit more.

A Brief Overview About Fasting

At this point, I have been fasting for over 20 years and have researched some facts and articles in regards to this topic, and I’m going to share them with you. This is about molecular mechanisms and clinical applications. These are all about fasting.

The doctors who tackled these focused on fasting and they somehow pointed out that there are a lot of variations, and it’s been in a significant caloric deficit without starvation. Yes, this was their definition of fasting. Religions around the world, on the other hand, would normally go 24 hours or 40 hours whenever they fast.

That is a fasting state that pertains to the elimination of food for that amount of time. Although, they stated that you can still be in a really good fasted state, and that is called intermittent fasting where you only eat within a certain hour window.

However, the reality is for their research, it had to come down to just being in a caloric deficit beyond like a fat-burning traditional 500 calories burned.

So, you would be probably consuming anywhere from 100 calories to 500 calories for instance, and you would still consider that a fasting state because the primary mechanisms of fasting that they are looking at are most importantly longevity, vitality, health, and fat loss.

All of these major benefits that most people are looking for are mainly about regulated insulin levels or no spikes or instability of blood sugar. Moreover, they are looking for elevated ketone levels.

Does Drinking Ketones Affect Your Fast?

So, does drinking ketones wreck your fast? Well, if it doesn’t impact those things, then the answer is, no, it doesn’t. Based on science-related research, drinking ketones does not interfere with your fast. These are the Ketones I use: https://dustin.shopketo.com/product/nat20-ketones

Furthermore, the reality is that fasting is just the elimination of something. You are reducing or eliminating out from your diet. And what people think it typically means is that they will never eat any food again and never put any calories in their bodies for a certain amount of time.

Well, that’s an extreme measure that may or may not actually work for most people because of the extremeness of it, especially if you do it for longer periods of time. So, they recommend intermittent fasting like a 16/8 and once a month do a 60-hour fast as long as you go no longer than 72 hours unless you’re using guidance. If you’re going past 72 hours, make sure that you are working with a health professional.

Personally, I drink ketones every day as well as do intermittent fasting. And indeed, this process does not break my fast. My numbers are all stable. I always feel great, my ketone levels are elevated, I have vitality and- energy, I am scientifically going to live longer, I have more health benefits, enhanced brain function, and well-maintained muscle mass and strength even though I am only eating in a 8 hour window.

What about if I workout: A lady once told me that she wanted to improve her performance and work out productively. She also asked me if drinking ketones before working out was going to mess up her fasting. So I told her that if her main goal is all about increased performance, and if she feels that she can workout fasted and perform well, she definitely should drink her ketones to help her perform better and achieve her goals and still not break her fast. If she doesn't feel strong or perform well fasted, I suggest have a meal before training and than use the ketones as a pre-workout.

So many people try to put everything into a box, and the reality is that what you are really wanting to do is to eliminate processed food and limit out excessive food. Additionally, create windows where you are not overeating food that requires heavy digestion or requires your blood sugar to stabilize and shift really quickly. You want to reduce or eliminate those things. I have also found that hitting your protein goals will be very important for your results.

If you are a fitness person, it is highly recommended to fast on your off-days. Before drinkable ketones I used to eat two meals before I worked out for most of my adult life. I always have my ketones before my workout and I still like to have a meal a few hours before a good lift.

Fasting is Crucial As Well As Drinking Ketones

Therefore, if you are going to fast, which I encourage you to do, intermittent fasting 16/8, Ifast, 60-hour reboot fast, it is highly recommended for you to utilize ketone technology during that process. Why? Because it improves ketogenesis, you get more ketones in your system, you have more energy, you feel better, and you are not craving foods as much. The results I have seen with our ketones and fasting kits and without have been significant. Ultimately people are more compliant which leads to long term success and sustainability.

Hence, when you come out of your fast, you do not overly binge eat, which can negate some of the fasting states. And the long-term quality of brain function and muscle performance is there to support you.

So, does drinking ketones break your fast? No. Unless you live in a box and you think that you have to do these extreme things every single day to be successful. So, make sure to drink your ketones during your fasting states, and you will feel better than you will ever be.

This is What I Do and What I Recommend to My Clients