Ketones are More than Fat Loss

Most people on the keto journey see ketones as a fat loss tool. Well, that can be true in so many ways because drinking ketones allows people to achieve a body transformation. But ketones are more than fat loss. In this article, we will talk about what ketones can really do.

The Main Reason for Drinking Ketones

The top reason why it’s highly important and beneficial to drink ketones is for performance. Once your body performs a lot better, everything else truly gets better also.

The reason why you’re seeing people successfully lose weight is that their body is performing a lot better. And we all know fat metabolism is a huge part of that.

However, if you are a former athlete or marine just like me, you might ask, “Why would I use ketones? Why would I align myself from working with the top athletes in the world?”. Well, drinking ketones, just like what I said earlier, can give so many benefits that will truly improve our health.

My mom used ketones to drop some body fat and to get out of her bed better. My wife also used ketones to improve her mood. You see, ketones are truly more than just fat loss.

Combining MITO//PLEX with Ketones Produces Excellent Results

I always drink ketones along with MITO//PLEX. This combination is my favorite because MITO//PLEX is very essential especially if you’re an athlete and you work out a lot. Hydration is very crucial. Many people are drinking a lot of water, but what’s inside of it isn’t that great.

MITO//PLEX is a perfect partner for your ketones. Their combination will give you your most desired body results. It’s your decision if you want to drink them together or drink ketones first then drink MITO//PLEX right after. It normally depends on you.

With MITO//PLEX, your water becomes fully equipped with upgraded electrolytes needed for unparalleled performance and energy. Yes, combining your ketones with MITO//PLEX is very beneficial to your health as it offers maximum hydration.

For better results, you must take MITO//PLEX along with Keto Nat (Ketones) 30 to 45 minutes before you train. Why? First, that’s because it increases ATP production up to 28%. ATP is the energy or fuel you want to kickstart your workouts.

Second, with this method, you utilize less oxygen. When you do all this workout, you’re using less oxygen so you have more in the tank to give. Third, you recover faster. Yes, the secret to long-term fitness, health, and wellness isn’t about what you do today. It’s about how fast you can recover again to do it tomorrow. That makes a lot of sense, right?

At this point, you want to lengthen your career of fitness while being in health. Most people that 0and Keto Nat is the secret weapon.

If you’re really into fitness, one of the things I recommend is not only doing it 30 to 40 minutes before your workout but also doing it within two hours. I like to do it right after with the keto pro. But within a couple of hours after my workouts, I’m gonna take MITO//PLEX and ketones again. Why?

Well, that’s because it improves my recovery and sleeping quality. Remember, this combination is about performance more than fat loss. Fat loss is only a byproduct of your body working better, living better, making better decisions, and eating healthier, which is if you’re into fitness, you’re probably doing a lot of that.

So, it’s truly advisable for you to regularly take this combination and use this as a performance tool because that’s the main purpose of that.

Why Athletes and People in the Fitness love taking Ketones

Why are there so many people, especially athletes and people who love to workout, love drinking ketones along with MITO//PLEX? The reason is it truly helps with brain cognition and brain quality.

Once you reach the age of 35 and above, your brain starts to slow down. Also, your metabolism slows down and starts to function in a not-so-normal way. However, by drinking ketones and taking MITO//PLEX, you will be protected against these things.

When you have better focus and mental clarity, no doubt you’ll be able to highly focus on your workouts, your sports, your physical activities, and many more. And above all of that, you’ll always know that you’re going to perform a lot better!

A lot of high-level soccer players believe that they feel more focused when they are playing because they regularly drink ketones along with MITO//PLEX. Indeed, they are already great and experienced players. But because they drink ketones, it gives them a big edge.

So again, if you love sports or you are fond of doing exhausting physical activities, be sure to regularly take this amazing combination. MITO//PLEX, nonetheless, is a perfect product that undoubtedly helps with optimizing hydration. And it is also designed to go with your ketones.

Always remember, 30 to 40 minutes before you start working out, drink your ketones along with MITO//PLEX. You can also drink them during your workout. For example, if you're in the middle of your workout and you get thirsty, it’s fine to drink them and have them as an alternative for your water. It’s safe.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the effects of drinking ketones. Feel and live the performance benefits of ketones because it is the main reason why a lot of people, especially those in the keto diet, are dropping fat so fast and so efficiently. Because their bodies are performing better, everything in their bodies, specifically the fat metabolism, also gets better.

I really hope this article helps. If ever you want to boost your performance and live healthier and better than ever, feel free to contact us and get your ketones. This is the number one performance tool you can have. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of long-term health benefits with it.