Is Keto Right For You?

Are you thinking about trying a keto diet? This high-fat, low-carbohydrate way of eating has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason.

But is keto right for you? This is an interesting concept because when people think of keto they think of it's as this extreme diet that people do for a short period to lose a lot of weight. They think of never eating carbs and sugars ever again. You could also think of the dread of not having that delicious slice of pizza ever again. And that's tough and I understand the obstacles of that.

And what's tough for me as a person who has been doing this for 25+ years, and understanding the mechanisms and science behind the health of the human body, you want everybody to live at their best and their fullest. And we know that being in a state of ketosis everything works better, your body functions better, helps you live longer, lose body fat, with better mood and sleep. To truly feel great! But at the same time, people have different lifestyles that need to be accommodated to their liking.

So the short answer to the initial question "Is keto right for you?" Is yes. Absolutely it is right for you! But the question is not if it's right for you? It's how do you want to do it? What does that look like to you?


For me being a father, husband that loves to active and yet dealing with Hashimoto's, joint problems and multiple surgeries while running an international business keto is a must and also diet alone pretty damn hard. My mood and sleep were off and energy was lets say unstable, hahah. When I was perfect on my keto diet I felt great and like I was enjoying my life when I decided to splurge and have a treat like watermelon or even a sweet potato, I felt like crap. If I wanted to really have fun and have pizza when I went to Italy, walking was a challenge and the brain fog was the worst. So Keto doest work the real question was was I willing to stick to it all the time.

In 2015, we were introduced to drinkable ketones. Knowing that being in ketosis is great, we found out about ketones and it was a blessing. Just knowing that I could drink my ketones, and then follow a diet that is relatively low carb, healthy and nutritious, a diet that allowed me to do some fasting, and a diet that allowed me to have fun at Christmas, at my kids birthday parties, when I travel, allows me to live my life without having to be perfect every single day. It just truly helps me to have ketones as a fuel source without having to change my lifestyle.

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So the answer to the question is Yes, keto is right for you! you should be in ketosis.

But how do you want to do it? Do you want to follow a very strict diet all your life or would you prefer to enjoy your life, have your cake and eat it too by drinking ketones and finding a style that is sustainable for you? So the keto diet is great, and it's something that is right for you but finding the keto that works for you is what's truly important.

The only long term success that we will have for people is drinking ketones and finding a diet that is sustainable for you, either keto, low carb, or even a diet with carbs.

Now, when people say "ketones are bad for you," they say that for the lack of better understanding and knowledge, and that is an ignorant statement that comes from not understanding the way the human body works and understanding that humans have been in a state of ketosis the major part of human existence already tells us that that is a wrong statement.

Now if someone is dealing with health issues or medical conditions I strongly suggest they work with their doctor and that might just mean that their health journey will take a bit longer. For instance, I was sick when I started and it took time for me my body to adapt and it took even longer for me to get healthy. The biggest mistake most people make is comparing their "results" to others, you are on your path they are on theirs take the time to learn now or you will be forced to learn them later.

And too many people quit before they understand the significance of what their journey could be and the power of doing this. When you commit to your keto journey, ask yourself the following question are you willing to commit for a whole year to learn the diet, if you want to keep it simple drink your ketones and take it a month at a time make little changes to improve your health, maybe eat less, or eat less carbs, or move your body more and go to bed at a better time or start working on your mental mindset.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of keto and what it can do for you and your lifestyle. If you have any questions please let me know, I am happy to help in any way that I can.

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-Dustin Schaffer, The Keto Pro