Is Collegen Worth Taking?

Butter has made it into our cups of coffee as it claims to burn fats and benefit mental health. It might seem peculiar to add butter to your coffee. However, butter coffee is commonly consumed by people who are on a keto diet. It is a drink that consists of brewed coffee, unsalted butter, and MCTs (Medium-chain Triglycerides).

Are there any health benefits of drinking butter coffee? Will it be risky to regularly take this drink? Is it going to help your keto journey prosper, or is it just another trend that’s driven by untrue claims? The answers will be discussed in this article.

Be Careful in Combining Carbs and Fats Too Much

Carbs and fats do not mix really well. Combining them regularly won’t be that beneficial to your keto diet and your health as well. So if your goal is to ultimately stay lean and maintain the success of your fat loss journey, be extra careful not to combine carbs and fats often and too much.

This can be an advisable recipe if you want to gain extra body fat. The craze of putting fat in your coffee has become so popular nowadays. Well, actually, it can be somehow a great benefit, and to be honest, I’m a huge fan of that trend.

At the same time, based on my observation here in Southern California, numerous people gained a lot of weight doing this.

Yes, I’m drinking butter coffee because it gives my mental health a lot of benefits and it truly helps me with my fast in the morning. But if you’re going to do this on a very regular basis, no doubt you’ll gain a bunch of weight, especially if you’re eating carbs the rest of the day. Combining your fat coffee and your carb-based lunch won’t be so rewarding to your keto diet.

Just like what I said earlier, carbs and fats don't mix very well. The concept behind having butter coffee is very good for the cognition in the brain. Nonetheless, you should be very careful in doing this. Because if you’re going to consume a lot of fat and consume carbs with it at the same time, you’re going to be more likely to store body fat.

If you’re going to drink butter coffee and eat carbs concurrently, your blood sugar will be stimulated and it won’t be advantageous in your insulin response. Regularly combining these two will not produce good results for your body.

What you should do is if you use fat or butter in your coffee in the morning, make sure to stay more low-carb through the rest of the day. Moreover, if you drank a fat coffee and you’re planning on taking carbs, have them as far away from your fat as you can.

In a different situation, if you’re having a day-off or celebration and you wish to take carbs, make sure to eat a lower-fat diet on those days. It will help protect you from gaining excessive body fat.

Be Aware of the Amount of Fat Coffee You’re Consuming

A lot of people actually don’t realize that when they’re putting fat in their coffee, they may consume up to 500 calories in their coffee! If your caloric intake for the day is 1500, and the third of it is in your fat coffee, how much does that leave you left for the rest of the day? There, you can already see the not-so-good results. Not to mention that you have less wiggle room.

So you need to be aware of the amount that you’re consuming. I’m not against it, yet, what I do usually recommend is if you’re going to drink fat coffee in the morning, be sure to still follow a very specific ketogenic diet. The keto diet is a very consistent diet that is truly restricted which I think is very amazing but hard to follow at times.

You can include fat in your coffee such as heavy cream or butter if you’re not allergic to dairy. You can also use MCT 143 which is the most remarkable keto cream. It is one of our most awesome products. However, while you do this, make sure to keep your caloric intake on the low side, as body composition and fat loss truly matter.

Do not increase your calories up to 500,600, or even 700 calories. It will sustain your fast anyway at 200 to 300 calories. If you’re a man who’s bigger and works out a lot, you can probably get away with 300 to 500 calories. If you’re a woman, 100 to 200 calories would be enough. These amounts are gonna sustain you anyway, so just keep that fasting intake, and that’ll prevent you from gaining extra body fat if you do consume some carbs.

Just like what I said earlier in this article, adding butter to your coffee can be highly beneficial to your mental health. But if your main goal is to lose fat, you shouldn’t do that along with eating carbs.

The point is, drinking butter coffee is okay. Eating low-carb foods is okay. But if you drink a butter coffee, and after a few hours, you eat some carbs, that won’t help your fat loss journey. Because again, they don’t combine very well. That might seem healthy and advantageous for your weight loss journey, but in reality, it isn’t.

If you’re keeping this lifestyle, no wonder you won’t get results. And that will make you think that you’re failing in your keto journey and it will cause a big cycle of your stress hormones.

There’s no problem in drinking fat coffee and medium-treating fatty acids, but do not combine it with your carbs. Keep them as far apart from each other as you can. A high-fat diet should be followed by a low-carb diet.

Also, a high-fat diet doesn’t mean that you have to consume a lot of fat as fat has a lot more calories in it. So you don’t have to shift it that much to make it a high-fat diet. It’s just a little adjustment; it’s just dark meat versus white meat, a little bit of butter on your vegetables, or a little bit of fat or MCT 143 in your coffee.

The point is, you don’t need to eat a lot of fat. Just a little bit is already enough. And always remember, carbs and fat don’t mix very well. If you’re going to remember all of these reminders and information that you just read, I’m sure you’ll succeed in your keto journey.