How Do You Actually Burn Fat on Keto?

What is the truth about fat? If you do the keto diet, will you actually burn them? How exactly do you burn fat off your body? These questions are actually quite interesting. And for numerous people, these questions are indeed a cool thing to be answered.

A lot of people may not realize this, but in reality, you actually can breathe fat out, sweat it out, and moreover, you can pee it out! Is that possible? How does this all work?

Well, when fat gets metabolized through the liver, it actually breaks down in just different forms of energy. But, your body has to get rid of it all. Indeed, this process is very important. Why?

The General Keys to Burning Fat

We all know that exercising, proper hydration, consistently and actively moving your body and staying in low-carb all matter. These processes help you in setting you up for burning fat efficiently.

Therefore, you really want to be able to do this in the most effective way. Now, because of people’s health and metabolic challenges, people are not burning fat efficiently. So this is where it gets a little bit hard and complicated. You may ask why many people are not getting results as fast as they should, and why some of them are plateauing even more.

When this happens, it is true that you have to make simple adjustments. So, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you regularly sweat. Well, how do you sweat? Basically, just go out and actively move your body.

Secondly, you want to be able to get your carbs down a little bit lower. In this way, your fat will burn faster since carbs are less present. And that is also because your body can use glucose for energy. Moreover, it can use body fat for energy.

Other than that, we all want to tap into fat stores more, and you can do that by dropping your glucose by eating fewer sugars and carbs.

Drinking Ketones Helps Your Burn Fat

Now, there is a secret weapon out there to help you achieve results more efficiently, and that is of course by drinking ketones.

Drinking ketones makes this whole process even faster, more productive, and easier. But, you would also want to drop those carbs and move your body as well. Plus, make sure to always urinate, sweat, move around, and go breathe more!

Yes, these are the most effective things that are truly going to help you burn fat and help them get released out of your body. And then of course, as you elevate your ketone levels, you can elevate your life as well. You can also get all the other signaling benefits such as enhanced cognition, improved mood, revamped focus, and longer-lasting vitality.

Ketones can undoubtedly provide this extremely amazing energy to your body. Furthermore, it has all these other long-term benefits of optimizing health. You have to keep in mind that we do not have that much storage for glucose.

It is just like this - the larger you are as a person, the more you can store in your muscles. Your liver can start having glucose and then your blood as well. So, you do not have a lot of storage units.

The Reason Why People Tend to Store More Fat

Think of this one as an illustration - imagine that you are a car and you are basically filling up your gas tank, and you only have a certain amount of room. You may only have a 25 or 15-gallon tank or whatever it is.

And if you overfill it, instead of the gas spilling out on the floor, what happens is the gas actually goes in and attaches itself to the car as padding. What could be the result? The car may not run down the road very well and it may not already fit in the garage anymore.

Going back to our real situation, what truly happens is that if you keep filling up your “gas tank” with glucose, it will not be able to tap into the storage around your body. And the effect, your body will keep getting bigger and it may come to the point where you can barely move your body. You will also now be investing in bigger clothes, which is truly impractical.

How Can You Burn Fat Very Efficiently?

The goal is that you do not want to keep filling up your gas tank. What you really want to do is tap into the stored fuel, the tissue around the car, and start burning that off.

And indeed, the best way to do that is to start driving your car across the country. Start doing little speed and quarter-mile races. Meaning, you have to regularly exercise and start moving your body.

What’s also going to happen is you will have more motion moving forward. You are going to drink a lot of water as well since hydration is very important. It is very crucial to have electrolytes because you want to be able to have good flushing and peeing out.

You also want to sweat more because you can efficiently sweat out some of that excess fat. Plus, you have to breathe more. But how can you do all of these things that I have mentioned? Well, that is by actively moving your body on a regular basis.

So, to sum it up, you should remember that exercising, having a low-carb diet, eating less sugar, and regularly moving your body will help you burn fat. And of course, drink your ketones daily.

Now, if you are not dropping fat, you get plateaued, remember that there are many reasons why you might be doing that. However, good chances are your carbs are too high, your calories are also high, and your ketones levels are not elevating very well, which is a sign that you have to drink more ketones, and you are not moving your body enough. These are the simple answers to why you are not getting your most desired results.

And yes, the truth about burning fat is merely all about eating fewer carbohydrates, drinking ketones, and moving your body. That is truly the simplest answer to the main question in this article.