Eating Nuts on Keto - Can You Eat Nuts on Keto?

When you’re on a ketogenic diet, you might wonder whether it’s advisable or not to eat nuts. Well, nuts are kind of in a grey area as there are types of nuts that are very high on carbs which make them a bad choice for your keto diet. However, some nuts contain fewer carbs. The question is, is eating nuts going to prevent you from achieving your ultimate goals? Probably.

20 years ago, we didn’t talk about this topic that much as it just wasn’t a problem for us at all. But now, it seems that numerous people are eating an abundance of nuts and it’s kind of absurd to think about.

The reason why lots of people are eating excessive nuts is that all nut flours are starting to come out. I mean if you want keto snacks, you can eat nuts that are low-carb but not that much. Because eating an abundance of nuts, even if it’s low-carb, won’t be beneficial to your keto diet. That’s not good for a couple of reasons.

The one reason is more of a global long-term reason, and the other one is going to be more of a results-based reason. Let’s talk about these reasons.

Excessively eating nuts won’t give you enough substantial proteins and nutrients

If you’re going to eat a fourth up to half a cup of nuts a day, I guess that won't be a problem at all. But talking about nut flour and the huge amount of nuts you’re consuming at one time, that would be excessive and that’s not going to be beneficial to your keto diet.

Eating nuts on a specific occasion like a holiday or birthday won’t hurt at all as you’ll only do it one time, and that’s called celebrating in moderation. After that, you can simply go back to your strict keto diet plan.

However, what I observed is that lots of people are eating nuts so constantly, and some of them are having them in abundance every day! Well, quite frankly, you won’t get enough substantial proteins and nutrients out of excessively eating nuts.

To strictly support your keto diet, you need to be eating cleaner and healthier foods. That principle also applies when you’re a vegetarian or meat-lover, then you need to eat cleaner and healthier foods.

Foods such as green leafy and low-carb vegetables would be very beneficial to your diet as they provide clean, healthy, and natural proteins. Eating more of these types of food will help you reduce your cravings in eating an abundance of nuts. Again, I’m not saying that eating nuts is bad; excessively eating them is. You can already get plenty of nutrients from a fourth of a cup of nuts a day. You don’t need a bunch more.

If you wish to rely on gaining nutrients from excessively eating nuts, what could be the result? You won’t be able to get the vital nutrients from all the other healthy and high-quality foods. After that, you’re going to become deficient in nutrients which is not what you want for long-term results.

Moreover, eating lots of nuts while you’re on your keto diet will result in an imbalance in the fatty acid ratio which could ruin your healthy diet plan. So you must be careful with how much nuts you’re consuming. But other than these reasons we’ve talked about, there’s another underlying reason that might help stop you from eating so many nuts.

A huge possibility of getting nut allergies might arise

Nuts are already the most allergenic foods out there and they’re gonna go rampant just like peanuts are also currently going rampant. It’s always bad to mass-consume something that a human species has not ever mass-consumed before. Because foods are so abundant nowadays, we become overly focused on foods that we can mass-consume that we would in history never mass-consumed.

You should be aware that allergies are going to be coming more in the future, and this is more of a generational thing. Based on my personal professional belief, years from now, we’re going to see a huge rise in allergies because of the increase in nut consumption.

Furthermore, not only can it prevent you from getting good results, but it will also set you up for a future that isn’t that favorable to your most desired keto diet results. Yes, it’s very hard not to get on the craze of making different delicious desserts made with coconut flours, almond flours, and other nut-based ingredients as it is becoming so excessive nowadays.

Especially on social media, it seems that some of the so-called “healthy-living” people are continuously creating videos about making nut-based desserts that can be truly tempting to those people who are just starting on their keto journey. Just like what I said earlier, nuts are kind of in a grey area, so several people who are doing keto might get confused about these “keto recipes”.

Letting yourself get addicted to these tempting foods is further from what the keto and low-carb diet truly mean. This will also prevent us from what we should naturally be. When eating nuts, you always need to consider taking them in moderation, especially during celebratory times.

Nuts or any nut-based recipes can be your filler, not as the main dessert, main eating source, and not as a main staple of your meals. Your main desserts, main eating sources, and the main staple of your meals shouldn’t be coming from nuts as it’s not good for your body, health, and to be honest, it just doesn’t make any sense if you’re going to do that.

Always lean towards healthy and clean foods that you can safely consume in abundance

Although eating nuts isn’t that bad if you’re just going to take them at a very moderate level, remember that it isn’t something that our body needs. It isn’t advisable to consume an abundance of nuts or seeds. Just a fourth up to half of a cup a day is probably enough to satisfy your cravings for nuts. Excessively eating them wouldn’t be good for you and it could ruin your most wanted keto diet results.

Remember, if you want better results, always lean towards healthy and clean foods that are proven to be safe even eating them in abundance.