Did you hear about the Keto Challenge?

Happy Independence Day weekend!

It's time for you to have freedom in your health, could you imagine living your life without worrying about your weight or healthy and just be free.

I would love to personally invite you to our next keto challenge for July! This is the biggest challenge so far and the results from the previous challenges have truly been amazing.

So here are the start dates for cycle 4:

-Dudes only challenge: Starting July 6th

-Ladies only Challenge: Starting July 11th

(It’s flexible, you can start when you are ready)

Check this information page and even print out the starting guide to learn how the challenge works: https://www.theketoprosystem.com/challenge

We will have provide you all the guidance, how to drink ketones, how to eat, how to love your body at your level and accountability. We also have a Facebook chat you can join for additional coaching and updates on our zooms and lives: Join the group - Click here

Reminder: our focus is better, so we will teach you on to gain a lifestyle you can sustain rather then just how to lose weight. So no matter what your goals are you can room to grow with this challenge.

And just as a reminder we still have the last hours of our buy 2 get 1 free promo on Ketones! So I definitely recommend you snatching up some product so you can get stocked up and ready for a better you. If you would prefer you could also grab a Better or the Best bundle: https://dustin.shopketo.com

Be the best your and step into your own greatness, we will see you in the challenge.

Dustin Schaffer

The Keto Pro