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Meet the Schaffer

Dustin & April live in Santa Rosa, CA with their 3 kids and passionate about changing lives and living life to the fullest. 

Hows it Work

The biggest breakthrough of the decade, it's simple we all need ketones just decide how do you want to get them? 

How to Start

Commit to yourself, your goals and your dreams and become the best version of yourself. 

Fortune Favors the Bold

Checkout a few Stories


"At 32 I needed a coach to guide me and lead me. The first time I met them Dustin ask me what my dreams were and then inspired me to dream and now come true. I have never experienced anything like this community."

-Kristen Mathews, Florida 


"I never knew that I could feel this smart and focused. This made me feel motivated, energized, and smart as a whip! My husband noticed so many changes that he started taking it too. Thanks a million!"

-Francisco Calero, Florida 


"When I think of Dustin and April I think of integrity and competence. They helped me fall in love with Community Based Marketing. It's the perfect platform for being compensated for doing hard work and learned true residual income. They are great at helping people identify their goals."

-Kate and Jason Higdon, Kentucky


"I All the way from Austrilia and huge fan of Community Based Marketing. The most pivotal thing I learned is building relationship and building international business. You can only grow you business as you grow yourself. Dustin and April just care about your goals and dream. They are a dynamic duo!"

-Sam Beechey, Western Austrilia


"Mom of 2 and loves fitness and wellness love helping others. Dustin and April not only talk the talk they walk the walk and they are a wealth of knowledge. When you spend time with them you will dream bigger. Community is the key..."

-Lauren McComb, Flordia