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After 20 years of keto, coaching tens of thousands around the whole world from moms and dads to grandma and grandpa to world class athletes and plenty of children I found only one good way to Keto that works for everyone : It has to be simple, it has to taste good, it has to be flexible, it takes times, it's best if you move more and you must have fun. Drinking Ketones is the Key to it all and the only way I found for people to have lasting sustainable results, and you also can become a keto pro.


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Drink vs Diet

After teaching the Keto Diet for nearly 15 years. I found a few key points, everyone cheats, everyone feels bad for awhile and everyone quits. The only good diet is the one that you will do. Since September of 2015 we have had the privilege of drinking our ketones and help other drink theirs. Since then most people cheat less, feel great and don't quit. It's simple your body needs ketones to optimize its function and that is no longer a debate. You have a simple choice do the diet perfectly for a year to master or drink our ketones and follow a better diet that you can keep working on without feeling guilty every time you "mess up" I found a simple system its drink keto everyday - eat when hungry - stop when full - cut carbs where you can - move your body more.  

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 Ketones are Energy

Ketones are real energy unlike caffeine which is a stimulate. Ketones have calories roughly 5.7 Kcal per gram. This is why people can drink ketones and have stable energy all day long and then sleep like a baby. The brain and the muscle love this energy which is vital important to the body.

Keto Facts

Ketones are for Everyone

Humans have been in ketosis for all our history, and there is a receptor site in most cell for ketones. Ketones do not need Insulin to get into the cell and can absorb very easily in the cells. Therefore acting like a super fuel your body just like our ancestors had.

Keto Facts

The Brain Loves Ketones

If you are over 30, been hit in the head or have eaten too many carbs as a child your brain in gapping, shrinking and slowing down. Ketones absorb easily into the brain get into place the glucose struggles to get to and activation take place. This is why we see better mood, focus and energy.

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Keto Fat Burning

We know for a fact that a keto diet is the most affective way to drop body fat for both men and women. Did you know that drinking the right ketones accelerates the process without being so perfect on the diet. So many reasons for this but here on a few: increase of brown fat "good fat" increase energy, reduction fo cravings, better appetite control.

Keto Facts

Ketones for Performance

This is simple if ketones have energy and improve cognition and the brain then you will perform better. Prior to your workout you with see faster recovery, more endurance, after your workout stable energy and faster recovery, better sleep and longer benefits muscle development.

Keto Facts

Fasting is Safe & Effective

When fasting your body most often produces ketones depending on the length of your fast. Before the 1900's our ancestors fasted early everyday simply because food wasn't very plentiful. Therefore waking up in ketosis nearly everyday. If fasting is done right you can increase your ketones and feel great while doing it.

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Resetting Your Default

This is what we know you need ketones with Keto NAT or Keto Pro, we also know people need to eat less foods, less carbs and sugars and less processed foods. We also know people hate diets, meal plans don't work, measuring all your food sucks and you are going to quit as some point.

What I'm about to tell you is the key to changing 2 million lives in the next 2 years. What if I could give you the end results of the perfect diet and then over time teach you how to find a lifestyle that is suitable for you. That's like I teleport you to Hawaii so you can experience it while we figure out how to get you there, walk, bike, boat or fly. 

With millions more to impact

Every Story has maintained a better lifestyle for more than two years.


"For the majority of my life, being fat was a battle, it was THE battle I lost on a daily basis. My exterior matched how I felt on the inside. I was broken. Didn't think I would ever lose the fat, and I settled to the fact that I would be fat for the rest of my life. I hated myself, and that was just who I was. NOW... I'm no longer the fat funny guy, I play volleyball regularly and I'm a kickass dad that play with his kids. Keto NAT has game me the chance without being perfect on a crazy diet."

Alex Gonzalez

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