Simple Keto

80% of people this fat loss is their #1 goal. Every time I tell them it's not, your real goal is to drop fat maintain or build muscle and bone and create a lifestyle that you can live and enjoy while keeping your body fit and healthy, which means permanent fat loss. Remember this is the key to reseting your default.

Your Fat Loss Journey


Lets Start

The number one thing you can do to make the biggest shift is to drink ketones. Drinking ketones gives you the end result you are looking for while you learn your new lifestyle. Your body will start performing better more steady energy, focus, better mood, better sleep and less sugar, carb craving and less hunger. It's like being teleported to Hawaii while you are figuring out how you are going to get there. It starts with the 10 Day Challenge then pick your transformation. 


The next step is to become more aware of your hunger and where your carbs are coming from. So you will only eat when you are hungry and start avoiding those obvious carbs. Remember it's not about being perfect it's about finding a lifestyle you can live. People that go all in and completer change everything often fail the most.



Lowering your carbs will need to be a big part of your lifestyle and its vital that eat the meals and foods you love. Most people have an emotional connection with food, so taking those emotions away is a big mistake. So the key is find the 3-5 favorite meals and find a way to make them low carb. Also finding 1-2 simple fast low carb meals for on the go will be a game changer.

Messing Up

You are going to mess up and who cares it's to be expected. Sometimes our mess up should be celebrated. Too many people carry around the guilt with their food mess ups. The guilt is worse for you than the food. So here is the secret we can use our special Keto Drink to prevent ourselves from falling apart and our community support to catch from crashing.



The normal person with go 5-10 default resets before finding the lifestyle of their liking. It's like football, during season you are on staying on track. Then the off season comes and you fall back a bit "plateau" then next season comes and you make better gains. The next off season comes and you fall back a bit or plateau and the coolest thing is you are at a complete better place then you were the year prior. This will continue until you find your lifestyle of choice and truly expect and love yourself for you. It took Jessica near 2 year to get to here with many mess ups along the way they whole time drinking her keto.


"Before I found Keto I had given up hope to ever feel or be better. I had tried so many times to do so many different lifestyles that seemed to work for everyone around me but I was always the exception to the rule. I felt “broken”. I had no idea what I was truly capable of until I was introduced to my Keto NAT. Having better fuel completely changed everything for me. Now, 2 years later and 100 lbs of fat gone I now truly enjoy life! Being a mom of 2 I love that I get to help others see what’s possible and encourage them on their path to better!! "

Jessica Smart

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